Crucial FEWSION Episode 5: ‘Is My Burger Killing a River?’


Does it matter what you eat? When you enjoy a juicy burger or steak are there any environmental consequences of your meal? What if you knew that your beef-eating habits may be directly threatening rivers in your region? If you knew that you could positively influence the health of a river by eating less beef – would you? In Episode 5 of Crucial FEWSION we hear from Professor Brian Richter, a water conservation specialist and member of the FEWSION research team. He’s been using FEWSION data to investigate just how much are beef-eating habits are affecting major US rivers. He tells us which ones and how we might avert a water crisis, without threatening farmers’ livelihoods in this episode of ‘Crucial FEWSION’.
Read the research paper in Nature Sustainability from March 2, 2020:


Recorded and produced by Diane Hope.

Music by Arthur Vincent.

Photo by Savannah Klasen.

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Transcript of Episode 5

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