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The FEWSION project aims to provide FEWSION news and highly accessible educational resources for the public, students, instructors, and policymakers, by making your Food, Energy, and Water system more visible.

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Classroom Resources

  • Graduate Textbook Released: The Food-Energy-Water Nexus
    Editors Dr. Peter Saundry, Adjunct Professor of Energy at Johns Hopkins University and Senior Fellow at the National Council for Science and Environment, and Dr. Benjamin Ruddell, Professor in and the Director of the School … Read more
  • FEW-View™ Poster Released
    A poster to represent FEW-View ™ has been released by the ASU Decision Theater, members of the FEWSION team.
    Allied with the FEWSION project, the INFEWS-ER will provide a virtual environment for completing the Food, Energy, and Water (FEW) graduate student experience, thereby facilitating the generation of human capital who can address grand challenges … Read more
  • A Participatory Curriculum “The FEWSION for Community Resilience Process”
    The FEWSION for Community Resilience Network (F4R™) offers this participatory process and curriculum that is ideal for college courses on Food Energy and Water systems and also for community organizations with a mission to improve their … Read more
  • FEWSION™ Data Visualization: FEW-View™
    FEWSION™ is building the first complete empirical description of the U.S. food, energy, and water system so that every citizen and policymaker in the U.S. can see where their food, energy, and water come from. … Read more