Study Identifies First Step To Beating Water Scarcity

IOP Publishing, posted 25 Aug 2020 Simon Davies

“New research has revealed the locations and industries in the USA where efforts to improve water consumption would have the greatest benefit for economic activity and the environment.

“The study, led by researchers from Virginia Tech, used a spatially detailed database of water productivity to set realistic benchmarks for more than 400 industries and products. It is published today in the IOP Publishing journal Environmental Research Letters…”

The study, as posted on Environmental Research Letters:

Reducing water scarcity by improving water productivity in the United States

Landon T Marston, Gambhir Lamsal, Zachary H Ancona, Peter Caldwell, Brian D Richter, Benjamin L Ruddell, Richard R Rushforth, and Kyle Frankel Davis

Published 25 August 2020 • © 2020 The Author(s). Published by IOP Publishing Ltd
Environmental Research LettersVolume 15Number 9

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