Water rich, water poor: WVU professor shares his views on the state’s most important resource

By Matt Combs The Register-Herald Apr 9, 2019

“…Zegre himself has spent time with researchers at Northern Arizona University working with their FEWSion program, which is a first-ever detailed mapping of the nation’s food, energy and water systems and how they interact to affect the nation’s climate.

“With data from FEWSion, Zegre and his team were able to take a look at how West Virginians – both consumers and producers – could be affected from the outside by climate change…

“Using data from the FEWSion project, the team was able to determine that the majority of the fruits and vegetables consumed in West Virginia were grown in California with approximately 63 percent of the fruit and vegetables coming from California’s Central Valley, which is currently dealing with a lack of water that is forecast to get worse…”

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