Energy Byte – June 2020

There is a project being funded through a partnership with the Department of Energy to build resilience in energy systems for island communities. The Guam Power Authority reached out and asked a collaborative team from Livermore National Laboratory, Argonne, National Laboratory, Carnegie Melon University, and the NAU FEWSION / F4R team for assistance in looking at the energy and resilience in Guam as did an Alaska power authority that serves a variety of communities in Alaska. Our role is to look at supply chain issues and potential secondary effects of natural hazards and impacts from stress on the energy system and then play out what that does to the food, water, and other aspects of the community ecosystem. This is a two-year pilot program with the goal of improving resilience in those communities as well as potentially having a pilot tool or model that other island communities can consider for examining energy systems in the future.

F4R News Bytes is an interview series with Sean Ryan, F4R, Professional Development Coordinator for the NAU Center for Science Teaching & Learning. This byte was from an interview on 6/17/20.

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