Water Byte – June 2020

In terms of a COVID-19 emergency response, we’ve sought to find out where water is going or being delivered and whether people are having conversations about what water resources look like in northern Arizona.

F4R News Bytes is an interview series with Sean Ryan, F4R, Professional Development Coordinator for the NAU Center for Science Teaching & Learning. This byte was from an interview on 6/17/20.

Through a thread of the social connections, I’ve met Tim Bodell who is heading the analysis for the water utility for the Hopi Tribe. Bodell has vast experience with Indigenous cultures in the Pacific Islands and is applying that expertise in a process looking at water resources and infrastructure and then examining communication and cultural factors that are significant for Hopi water systems.

SIDEBAR: F4R volunteers, Jay Larson and Julia Collier have continued looking at innovations and research in on-going projects and how they might pertain to water issues and other FEW-related projects in Flagstaff.

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