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FEWSION for Community Resilience Training Manual Published

F4R™: A Process for Building Supply Chain Resilience in Your Community

F4R™ is a participatory process building community resilience through mapping, understanding, and discussing food, energy, and water systems and supply chains. F4R™ drives community engagement through data collection, visualization, and dialogue.

This training manual is a guide for the F4R™ process. It contains suggested activities and content that promote learning, research, and action focused on supply chains. It includes key references, activities, and visuals intended to help promote systems thinking, collaborative problem solving, and productive discourse through engagement between and leadership by community stakeholders. It is intended for a diverse set of participants and includes material ranging from introductory to expert.

The F4R™ team has worked hard to compile a comprehensive training manual for participants who wish to learn how to leverage the F4R™ process to build resilience in their communities. This print version includes an easy-to-read format that is aligned with the digital resources that F4R™ Facilitators will use when leading cohorts across the U.S.

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Press HERE to purchase the Current Version (6/16/21) of the training manual online at the Lulu Bookstore.

Note that any community looking to engage in F4R needs a trained facilitator to ensure proper data collection and implementation practices. Training is offered at an annual summer workshop at Northern Arizona University or can be contracted on an individual community basis. For more information, visit the F4R Facilitator page.

All participants should purchase and utilize this F4R™ Curriculum. Each chapter contains Content Sessions, Supplementary Resources (Appendices), and the facilitator will provide additional materials, including handouts, data collection sheets, and templates for reports and presentations, in addition to any project communications, scheduling, and assessment materials. F4R™ Facilitators will receive a copy of this manual in addition to access to data collection templates and other digital resources needed for F4R™.

See Sample Curriculum Resources like the Table of Contents and a Sample Syllabus Here.

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