F4R™ Facilitators

F4R uses a train the trainer and technical support model for implementing the F4R process in communities across the U.S.

Facilitator of a meeting speaking to a participantThe F4R process is intentionally flexible to ensure that communities have the power to collect data and identify actions that are meaningful and relevant.

F4R Community Applications include Food System Resilience, Public Health, Emergency Management, Community Planning, Sustainability, and Community Resilience.

F4R materials include cutting edge data science and FEW Nexus tools, and a module aligned with Emergency Management Supply Chain Resilience.

Lead F4R™in Your Community

F4R is looking for Beta testing communities across the U.S. Each community implementing F4R must have a local facilitator who completes the F4R Facilitator training prior to implementation.

The Facilitator can be a staff member of public, private, or non-profit organizations, or a faculty member/instructor at a community college or university, or a citizen volunteer.

Facilitator Responsibilities include:

  • Completion of the F4R Facilitator Training
  • Facilitation of approximately 40 hours of F4R participant activities
  • Coordination and communication of local F4R events
  • Review and approval of data entry and process implementation
  • Submission of reports and datasets to the F4R Network

Contact us

For questions, cost estimates, or to request support materials for starting F4R, contact us HERE.