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Lead F4R™ in Your Community

F4R™ is looking for Beta testing communities across the U.S. Each community implementing F4R™ must have a local facilitator who completes the F4R™ Facilitator training prior to implementation.

The Facilitator can be a staff member of public, private, or non-profit organizations, or a faculty member/instructor at a community college or university, or a citizen volunteer.

F4R™ Facilitator Training Annual Summer Conference slide

F4R™ uses a train the trainer and technical support model for implementing the F4R™ process in communities across the U.S.

The F4R™ process is intentionally flexible to ensure that communities have the power to collect data and identify actions that are meaningful and relevant.

F4R™ Community Applications include Food System Resilience, Public Health, Emergency Management, Community Planning, Sustainability, and Community Resilience.

F4R™ materials include cutting edge data science and FEW Nexus tools, and a module aligned with Emergency Management Supply Chain Resilience.

F4R™ gives you a data-driven approach for increasing community engagement, connecting with key stakeholders, identifying supply chain dependencies, and collaboratively planning actions and strategies to improve resilience

Facilitator Responsibilities include:

  • Completion of the F4R™ Facilitator Training
  • Facilitation of approximately 40 hours of F4R™ participant activities
  • Coordination and communication of local F4R™ events
  • Review and approval of data entry and process implementation
  • Submission of reports and datasets to the F4R™ Network
Facilitator of a meeting speaking to community participants

Hear from participants and researchers about FEWSION and F4R™ in the Crucial FEWSION Podcasts: Episode 1 – What is FEWSION?, Episode 2 – What is local?, and Episode 3 – Understanding Resilience, Vulnerability and Sustainability in Food-Energy-Water Systems, and Episode 4 – The Last Mile & the Role of Citizen Scientists

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