National Science Foundation: Fallowing cattle-feed farmland simplest way to alleviate western water shortages


Study looks at impact of beef production on water shortages, ecosystem depletion

“…Study co-author Ben Ruddell of Northern Arizona University leads the project, called FEWSION. It’s a comprehensive database of maps modeling the nation’s food, energy and water system supply chain. FEWSION is funded by the National Science Foundation.

“This project creates a comprehensive map of the U.S. food-energy-water system, allowing communities to explore a wide range of stresses, shocks, and performance and sustainability metrics,” said Amy Walton, a program director in NSF’s Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure.

“‘The groundbreaking maps produced by FEWSION made it possible to link river depletion through the supply chain to irrigated alfalfa and hay, and to beef and dairy production, then to urban consumers of beef and dairy in each city and county in the U.S.,’ Ruddell said.”

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